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We Fight for Right

Standing by our clients and fighting together

最先端の知識と技術で、最善策を導き出す 最先端の知識と技術で、最善策を導き出す


Criminal defense professionals

We develop the best strategies thanks to leading-edge technology
and our expertise
Like doctors, there are specialities such as heart surgery and anaesthesia, criminal defence is a speciality of lawyers.
All aspects of criminal cases require sophisticated, specialized skills, and expertise.
JIN International Criminal Defense Law Office is one of the few law firms in Japan that specializes in criminal defense.


Three Pillars of JIN International Criminal Defense Law Office

  • 仁


    Affection and thoughtfulness
    Compassion is treating others in affectionate and thoughtful ways.
    We are committed to standing by our clients who have become suspects or defendants in criminal cases.
    Tell us your story.
    We will spare no effort to obtain the best results in the spirit of “the client first".
  • 人


    Human rights
    A powerful state authority seeks to investigate and punish individual citizens. This is what criminal cases are about.
    The duty of criminal defense attorneys is to protect the human rights of suspects and defendants.
    We fight to protect the rights of our clients.
  • 迅


    Quick response
    In criminal defense, time is of the essence.
    Just as early detection of a disease increases the chances of a cure, the sooner a lawyer is hired the better they can protect you.
    From the very moment we receive your request, we will spring into action with maximum speed.


Do you have 
any of the following concerns?
As criminal defense professionals we will handle the concerns of our clients and family members.
Stop worrying and let us help.
  • 家族が逮捕されてしまった

    A family member
    has been arrested

  • 釈放してほしい

    I want an acquittal

  • 不起訴にしてほしい

    I want the charges dropped

  • 示談をしてほしい

    I want a settlement

  • 無罪にしてほしい

    I want a not-guilty verdict

  • 判決に納得がいかない

    The verdict makes no sense

  • 裁判員裁判を依頼したい

    I want a jury trial

  • 執行猶予にしてほしい

    I want a suspended sentence

  • 他の弁護士の意見を聞きたい

    I want a second legal opinion

Services offered


We are committed to a swift, reliable legal response.


  1. Property crimes

    Property crimes

  2. Drug-related crimes

    Drug-related crimes

  3. Violent crimes

    Violent crimes

  4. Sex crimes

    Sex crimes

  5. Traffic-related crimes

    Traffic-related crimes

  6. Foreigner-related cases

    Cases involving Foreign Nationals

  7. Juvenile cases

    Juvenile cases

  8. White-collar crimes

    White-collar crimes

  9. Second opinions

    Second opinions

  10. Criminal advisor

    Advisory contracts specializing in criminal cases

Firm overview

We accept consultations on criminal cases from anywhere in Japan with a special focus on Tokyo.

  • Law firm’s name

    JIN LPC JIN International Criminal Defense Law Office

  • Representative attorney

    Jinpei Ueno

  • Contact number


  • Date of establishment


  • Address

    Signature Roppongi Hills,
    Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 16F,
    6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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Our attorney

Criminal cases can have a tremendous impact on the lives of suspects and defendants.
Depending on the outcome of the criminal proceedings,
you may end up losing your social position, reputation, and assets.
Criminal attorneys work with suspects and defendants at critical moments in their lives.
That is why we take great responsibility and pride in our work.
At JIN International Criminal Defense Law Office, our criminal defense experts will spare no effort to defend our clients.

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